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 Chillur is a cryptocurrency microinvesting application.

It allows you to round up and invest your spare change from everyday transactions into a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

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Is My Super Fund Ethical


Is My Super Fund Ethical lists super funds that consider social, environmental, and ethical factors when investing.

It also lists funds that are open and honest about their investments and their fees.

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Australia's first neobank - digital only banks driven my modern tech and a strong focus on user experience - will launch in 2019. reviews these banks to find which one I should switch my accounts to.

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About Me



A meticulous Product Manager who keeps vision, positive team dynamics and user-first thinking at the forefront of every iteration.

With 5+ years Product Management experience, I have worked through every aspect of the product life cycle including market and user research, requirements gathering, MVP development, sprint planning, go-to market strategy and stakeholder management.



With a background in journalism, I believe in thorough research and attention to detail. I bring content knowledge subject matter expertise and storytelling skills to every product.

My domain knowledge includes personal finance - financial planning, stock and property investing, personal insurance - and cryptocurrency microinvesting.


 Outside work, I’m iterating on my parenting skills as a puppy and kitten parent - both adopted by my partner in a recent fit of fuzz frenzy. I’m also an Olympic lifting, diving, and CrossFit enthusiast.

Four random facts about me:

  •  I studied English Literature focusing on the Victorian Period
  • As a broadcast journalist, I’ve interviewed Kofi Annan and Biz Stone.
  • I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in 2011 and reached 6300m at Mt Aconcagua in 2017
  • I have dived with whale sharks and minke whales.

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